Extreme Realism Pre-Viz Contest

R90 Lighting's online sales (not so) GRAND Opening and EXTREME realism pre-visualization contest.

Here at R90 Lighting we're in hibernation, just like you. We've used this time to open a new webstore, and to promote it we've decided to commit an act of shameless self promotion!

We're having a pre-visualization contest!

The Rules:

Entries were due by May 4th, but...   we are extending the deadline to May 15th! 

ANYONE is welcome and encouraged to enter. Howewer, prizes will not be shipped outside of the US unless you really want to pay for it.

Entries must follow the guidelines of the contest as outlined in the scenario section.

Entries will be accepted via email with two parts:

  1. A plot/paperwork/budget submission. Plot and paperwork must be attached to your entry email in either pdf or jpg format.
  2. A performance/video submission. This must be via a YouTube link.

Contestants must not plagiarize other people's work and must give permission for R90 Lighting to use their video and pdf in any future promotions. We will always keep your name attached to the design. So... PUT YOUR NAME ON IT!


Send submissions to contest@r90lighting.com PLEASE USE THE WORD "PREVIZ" IN THE SUBJECT LINE!   Give us a couple of days to acknowledge your entry.   However, if you do not hear from us after a couple of days, it means something has gone amiss.   If you have not received a confirmation from us then your entry has NOT been received. 

If you have any questions please send them to the same address but PLEASE use the word "Question" in the subject line.  


Grand Prize- 2 winners one in each category Paperwork and Performance

What better way to pass your time in quarantine than with your own light show! Stun and amaze your friends/family/coworkers with your amazing live lighting show. EVERYONE will be "totally jelly" of your sick live background for all those Hangouts, Zoom, and Houseparty meetings you're doing.

With... Your very own...


American DJ Vertigo Hex LED


BUT WAIT...  that's  not all!    Due to our fabulous vendors (Did we mention that you should buy stuff in our new webstore yet?) there's more...  

1st place winners will also receive some awesome swag from Elation and ADJ

1st place in the performance category will also receive a Chamsys Magic dongle FULL from Chamsys.

1st place in the Paperwork category will also receive a Robe Patt desk lamp from Robe Lighting


2nd Place- 2 winners one in each category Paperwork and Performance.

It's not quite as fancy as 1st place, but it will give you the tools you need to prove to anyone online that you are a true Tour De Force of the lighting world. Show off with glitz and glam at your next online meeting with your very own...



8" Mirror Ball!

Each winner will receive (1) ADJ 8" Mirror Ball

*Does not include motor or pinspot

BUT WAIT...  There's more.   

2nd place winners will also receive some awesome swag from Elation and ADJ

2nd place winners will also receive a Chamsys Magic dongle BASIC from Chamsys.


Runners Up- 2 winners one in each category Paperwork and Performance

No, there's not a 3rd place. Because if you're already not 2nd place you might as well be a local hand. However, you can let everyone know how awesome you are by sporting your very own misprinted over sized "Anti Lighting Lighting Club" Hoodie! Donated by Christian Jackson.



*Hoodie comes only in black, it's a misprint and we're just going to send you whatever size we have that is misprinted. Look you didn't even make 3rd place so you can't really complain can you?

BUT WAIT!!!  There's more....

Our runners up will also receive some awesome (but not as awesome as 1st and 2nd place swag) swag from Elation and ADJ

Runners up will also receive a Chamsys Magic dongle BASIC from Chamsys



You've been approached to design and run a stage for a huge new festival called A group where we pretend to all work at the same music festival festival. This is a GRAND OPPORTUNITY to get your name and work finally noticed. You're extremely excited, however as with anything based on reality, there are rules and stipulations.

  • As this is the 42nd stage at this massive festival it's not a main stage. The producer still wants the best, they just don't have any money left. So you're stuck on an SL-260 (and you're lucky it isn't an SL-100). Your design has to fit into the rigging allotments for a Stageline SL-260.
  • SL-260 plans and rigging specs are located here
  • SL-260 is available in here 


  • The producer of this festival is super excited to see what you can do, but let's be real, this is NOT a main stage. So your equipment budget is limited to $10,000. To make this fair, we've built a rough price sheet for you at the bottom of this page. Stay within budget or they're going to find a better designer who knows how to get the job done!


  • Being the 42nd stage at a massive festival, it's a local stage that features ONLY unsigned local artists. When you get to programming you better keep that in mind. For the purpose of the performance part of this contest (and to escape potential copyright/legal liability issues) pick a song that is from a "local to you" unsigned artist. (COVER ARTISTS ARE CHEATING AND ALL EDM MUST BE ORIGINAL PRODUCERS)


Q:  Sweet contest bro!  What about distro, cable, labor, control?   

A:   Don't worry about it.   We thought about making it more fun by giving guidelines for console costs and making people do specific cable plans and all that but nobody has that kind of time.   Even in a pandemic.  Also, nobody really enjoys that kind of stuff.    So we kept it simple.  budget is based on fixture/rigging count.   As a disclaimer if anyone does really enjoy creating cable pulls please email your resume to joe@r90lighting.com along with what date you will be moving to Seattle, WA.   

Q: You guys are hiring right now!?

A:  Nope, we're just as screwed as all of you.  


Q:  Do I need to add in fog machines and haze? 

A:  Assume there is basic equipment to produce haze for the stage included.   If you want to spend budget on any other effects feel free but please add into the budget appropriately.  


Q:  Where are the lasers?

A:  Your budget is already low are you seriou....   ok fine, adding lasers to the price sheet. 


Q:  When will my unemployment check be sent out?
A:  Tuesday.



This is a general guideline to keep the contest fairish... We know you're a really really great designer and you're really awesome and it wasn't your fault you got booted off that tour last fall, we all know Nigel is a prick and all that but you're also participating in a dumb online contest, so you're not that good yet. STAY IN BUDGET! You can use whatever fixture you may imagine, just try to price it out realistically. If you have questions about how much a specific fixture might cost feel free to ask. We've included limited rigging and video as well but being a local stage there are no tech riders that matter and all artist requests can be ignored. The producer doesn't care what you do as long as it is in budget.



Large CMY Spot/Profile/Hybrid (Viper, BMFL, MegaPointe, Picasso, etc.) $250 ea.

Medium CMY Spot/Profile (Quantum, Davinci, etc.) $175 ea.

Small Hybrid (Pointe, MK1 Hybrid, etc.) $125 ea.

Small Beam/Spot (Sharpy, 5r, MAC 350 Entour, etc.) $75 ea.

Large Wash (Spiider, Quantum, etc.) $150 ea.

Small Wash (Aura, 150 LEDBeam, etc.) $75 ea.

Large Effect (ColorStrobe, JDC-1, X4 Bar, etc.) $150 ea.

Small Effects and Blinders (Atomics, 4 Lites, 2 Lites, Sunstrips, etc.) $30 ea.



5mm .5m x 1m tiles $75ea

5mm .5m x .5m tiles $50ea


Truss $4/ft

Motors $75 ea.


Special offer! 
(3) laser techs
(1) laser techs girlfriend
(1) Bag of weed for the promoter
(1) beat up yellow van
(2) orange extension chords
(1) 50' cat5 that's not long enough to reach FOH because why is FOH that far away anyway? 
(2) Full color lasers that are definitely like at least probably 2Watts but they totally look like 40 watts'

Package deal, just 'cause we're bros
$6000 and we're going to need a couple parking passes and probably like 10 meal tickets....